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SmartClass is a collaborative national competition being run for the first time this year by Intel, Steljes and the Educational Company of Ireland. The competition gives post-primary schools around the country the opportunity to win a complete technology package for their entire first year of students. The technology package includes a Fizzbook laptop for every student, accompanying Smart software, full digital curriculum content for the entire junior cycle, for the winning incoming first year students, Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) fit-out for the school environment and relevant teacher-training facilitation. The competition will be open for entries from the end of August, with the winner being announced in October.

Technology is an essential foundation stone of transforming education and providing the tools needed to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. Effective eLearning environments are created using powerful PCs, relevant educational software, broadband internet access, and an infrastructure with robust servers; the SmartClass competition brings to an Irish school the opportunity of these combined resources.

This opportunity of a comprehensive technology solution for the classroom is an important one as ICT enables improved learning results by providing access to information and content experts, facilitating collaboration, encouraging creation, improving communication, and supporting assessments. It allows students to gain important skills using the same modern technology as they will use in the business world after graduation.

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